['Meráki'] from Greek.

Doing something from the soul, dedicating effort... so much, that we leave a little piece of ourselves in what we do.


Characteristic of our territory, genuine, natural and expressive

About us


We seek to create objects that trigger experiences;
that subtly connect us with our land and highlight our roots in a contemporary global world.


New Arrival ~ New Arrival ~

$ 2,999 MXN

For espresso lovers, for those who seek to enjoy the notes of a good coffee and roast: a set of 2 small vessels with a quarry base.

Two textures: two materials that pay homage to the versatility of the Mexican coffee bean.


$ 3,099 MXN

Beautiful vessels to share a magical and ancestral drink such as mezcal.

Each set is made up of 4 small vessels with quarry bases in which we can place worm salt or a slice of orange; each base is of a different color to perfectly distinguish one from the other in our meetings.


$ 2,249 MXN

Halo of the Sun, representation of fire; a set of two quarry pieces to place hot dishes on our table.

The hoop, a pair of concentric circles; possible symbol of transition, change and evolution.

A very present figure in pre-Hispanic graphics.



We want to generate moments of well-being in your spaces through our objects.

We believe that there is beauty in the simplest, that details matter, that what is natural should be treasured, and that the work of our hands is invaluable.

. . .

At MERAKIA we put the best of ourselves into each design, each piece... each detail.