About Us


We seek to return to basics, connect with our roots, or why not? discover them; We want to generate moments of well-being in your spaces through our objects.
We believe that there is beauty in the simplest, that details matter, that what is natural must be treasured and that the work of our hands is invaluable.
Mexico inspires us; we are constantly surprised to discover details of its culture, landscapes and corners. We seek to subtly capture this in our brand and in the objects that build it.


'Meraki' – is the original Greek word that we decided to adapt. It means “to do something from the soul; with the heart and with such dedication, that we leave a part of ourselves in what we do”.
At MERAKIA we do our best in each design, each piece and each detail.


We treasure the diversity of materials that Mexico offers us and the creative potential of its people, we seek to work in places and with people where technique is tradition. We work under a development model between the craftsman and the designer, we believe that the mastery of the craftsman in his technique and the creative vision of the designer must complement each other to generate mutual benefits.


We design simple products that fulfill a function of use. We create collections highlighting the qualities of traditional materials and techniques in a contemporary way. Each piece is the result of a process of design and development of tests and prototypes. Having each product ready to be in your hands involves the effort of several people.

We look for people to subtly connect with what inspired us at the beginning, while they enjoy using our products.
We invite you to our online store, to discover the stories behind the objects and learn more about the team and our philosophy on our blog.